Terms and Conditions

August 2013


1. Upon requesting a reservation ‘the Guest’ will receive from ‘Globe’ confirmation setting out the amounts due for the reserved period for the selected apartment.

2. The amount due will be calculated at the prevailing rent for the selected apartment at the time the reservation is made.

3. For all bookings made 28 days or more before arrival ‘the Guest’ will make payment to ‘Globe’ of £250.00. The reservation will not be confirmed until payment of the holding deposit is received.

4. ‘Globe’ reserves the right to cancel or vary the rates for any reservation where payment is not received in accordance with No. 3.

5. Unless otherwise expressly agreed with ‘Globe’, ‘the Guest’ MUST settle the full outstanding amount no later than 14 days before arrival. The total amount due will be set out in ‘the Guest’s’ reservation statement submitted by ‘Globe’.

6. ‘Globe’ reserves the right to cancel any reservation where payment is not received in accordance with No. 5. For any reservation remaining unpaid (amounts having been paid in accordance with No. 3) the initial payment will be retained by ‘Globe’ in full as a cancellation fee.

7. For all late bookings, (bookings made less than 28 days before arrival) payment must be received in full (rent and £250.00 deposit) by ‘Globe’ no later than 14 days before arrival. ‘Globe’ reserves the right to cancel any reservations where payment has not been received.

8. In the event that the apartment booked for ‘the Guest’ is managed or supplied by a third party ‘Globe’ will provide the ‘Guest’ with Terms of Business that will apply.

9. The term ‘rent’, used within ‘Globe’s’ Terms of Business, may include transaction fees, cleaning charges or other costs included or provided within the ‘Guest’s’ booking and the rent paid. ‘Globe’ administers and accounts for any inclusions which shall not alter the ‘Guest’s’ rent payable for the specified dates or extension.

Changes, Extensions and Cancellation:

10. All requests for changes, extensions and cancellations must be made in writing directly to Globe. Accordingly, if a ‘Guest’s’ booking is not changed, extended or cancelled the guest will be liable to pay the full amount.

11. Changes: If ‘the Guest’ needs to change any detail of their confirmed booking (other than name changes or child’s age) ‘Globe” will use their best endeavours to make the change subject to an administrative fee of £50 plus VAT which will be payable once any change has been made together with any other resulting costs which may result in an increase or decrease in the rent depending on the revised date and length of stay. Changes to the arrival date to later than the original date will be treated as a cancellation or part cancellation.

12. Extensions: ‘Guests’ can extend their stay for a further period subject to availability and advance payment.  The additional rent cannot be deducted from the deposit.  If ‘the Guests’ apartment is not available for a further period ‘Globe’ will offer alternative accommodation where available.

13. ‘Globe’ must be advised of a ‘Guest’s’ intention to extend no later than 7 days before the reserved departure date.

14. Cancellation and/or early curtailment (where all charges have been paid in full):

A) Cancellation must be made in writing by ‘the Guest’ to ‘Globe’:

B) The rent for the reserved period will be refunded to ‘the Guest’ less  ‘Globe’s’ reasonable costs and charges (on a pro rata basis) for all or any part of the reservation period that the apartment is re-let. 

C) Once a reservation has been paid for ‘the Guest’ is committed to the dates booked.  As a result any alteration to the dates reserved will depend on availability and a rent refund for the reserved period will be dependent on ‘Globe’s’ ability to resell the apartment booked.

D) ‘Globe’ reserves the right to consider a ‘Guest’s’ early departure to be a cancellation and the apartment reserved may be re-let and cancellation charges applied.

E) Where ‘the Guest’ fails to arrive ‘Globe’ will consider this to be a cancellation and no refund will be due.

F) For extended stays where ‘The Guest’ departs earlier than the agreed term and the tariff has been reduced to take into account the extended stay ‘Globe’ reserves the right to charge the tariff at the higher rate.

G) No amendment to the departure date will be agreed by ‘Globe’ unless the higher tariff (if required) for the dates occupied is agreed by ‘the Guest’.


15. The holding deposit of £250.00 No 3 will be used as a deposit to cover breakages and damages. ‘The Guest’ will be asked on arrival for an imprint of a credit card to cover any incidental expenses, if applicable, in addition to the £250.00 held. After vacating the apartment the deposit, will be returned to ‘the Guest’ as soon as practically possible. ‘The Guest’ will receive a fully itemised statement detailing all deductions (if any) including details of all phone charges. The maximum delay should be no more than 14 days after departure but as soon as the phone bill charges summary has been received by ‘Globe’ from the phone service provider.

A) Where a deposit is not paid but instead credit card details have been provided for the purpose, the nominated credit card will be charged the sum of the fully itemised statement on the same basis as No. 15 and No.16.

B) Where a deposit is taken it will be refunded to 'the Guest' by cheque, bank transfer or credit card to 'the Guest’s' nominated bank account, less any deductions. Any bank charges incurred for the transfer of such funds shall be paid for by 'the Guest'.

16. The security deposit is held or nominated credit card details are used against all damages, losses and other charges including the use of the telephone and the end of tenancy cleaning, and any extra charges over and above the basic cleaning charge where necessary.


17. Unless otherwise agreed, apartments are available from 15:00 hours on the date of arrival and must be vacated by 11:00 hours on the date of departure. Early check-in or late check-out are strictly subject to availability and may incur additional charges.  ‘Globe’ reserves the right to make additional charges should ‘the Guest’ fail to vacate at the agreed time.

18. Subject to Globe’s’ check in time keys can be collected from ‘Globe’s’ offices between 09:30 hours and 17:30 hours Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours alternative key collection facilities are made available.  ‘Globe’ also recommends a chauffeur service who can arrange keys at the time of collection at an additional cost.  Price on request.

19. ‘Globe’ will arrange car collection for ‘the Guest’ on the strict understanding that ‘the Guest’ is responsible to contact the chauffeur company whose details will be provided to ‘the Guest’ in the event of any difficulties, including being unable to locate the driver at the specified airport or location by the ‘Guest’. Failure to contact the chauffeur company will not discharge ‘the Guest’s’ liability to pay the chauffeur even if alternative transport is taken on the day.

20. At the end of ‘the Guest’s’ stay unless otherwise instructed by ‘Globe’ the keys to the reserved apartment are to be left in the apartment.  The door is to be shut and secure on final departure. ‘Guests’ are reminded to make sure they thoroughly check the apartment before closing the door for the final time to avoid leaving personal items behind.

21. In the event of keys being lost, misplaced or left inside the apartment ‘Globe’ will impose a lockout fee of £50 + VAT.  Lost keys will be subject to a further £100 + VAT charge for replacement locks to be fitted.  Please note that these charges are non-refundable regardless of keys being found at a later date.

Additional Services:

22. ‘The Guest’ may wish to use additional services provided by ‘Globe’, the charges of which are available on request or can be found on ‘Globe’s’ website:   


Each apartment contains a guest information folder, which also has details of these charges.

23. The cost for additional services will be charged to ‘the Guest’s’ account and deducted from the deposit when it is returned to ‘the Guest’ or charged to the nominated credit card. However, and dependant on the value of the additional services used, ‘Globe’ reserves the right for payment of additional services on demand.

Special Notes:

24. Payment for rent, deposit, and booking fee, where applicable, can be made by cash, bank transfer, sterling bank draft, sterling traveller’s cheques or credit cards.  ‘Guests’ wishing to make a direct payment to ‘Globe’s’ account should remit payment to the following bank account: Globe Apartments (Chiltern Street) Limited client a/c no: 91835254 Sort Code: 40-45-27. HSBC, 73 High Street, Watford, WD17 2DS. IBAN: GB56MIDL40452791835254. Globe’s fax number: + 44 (0) 20 7486 8315.  (Tenant reference number must be quoted).

25.‘Globe’ recommends all ‘Guests’ insure their travel arrangements and personal belongings.

26. Seven nights will be charged as one week.

27. If the circumstances arise, ‘Globe’ reserves the right to provide accommodation of a similar category or as best possible in the circumstances. In the event that the apartment is one of a higher category there will be no additional charge whilst a credit adjustment will be given where the apartment is of a lower tariff.

28. All apartments offered are individual and vary in style, size, layout and outlook. All of ‘Globe’s’ marketing material, photographs and virtual tours as seen on their website are presented in good faith.

29. No pets are allowed.

30. All of Globe’s apartments and buildings are strictly no smoking. Where guests smoke or are reported to be smoking in an apartment an additional charge of £150.00 will be made to pay for extra cleaning.

31. ‘Guests’ are required to behave in a responsible manner at all times and keep noise to a minimum between 10 pm and 7 am. Guests are not allowed to use their apartment for any illegal or immoral purpose. ‘Globe’ reserves the right to make additional charges when dealing with nuisance behaviour.

32. ‘Guests’ are required to leave the apartments, furniture, fittings, and effects in the same condition as on arrival.

33. ‘Guests’ are required to leave the apartment in a reasonable state of cleanliness and order on their departure. Additional charges will be made for extra cleaning which may extend to compensation for loss of rent in addition to extra cleaning and any repairs.

34. Lost Property will be retained for a maximum of 3 months after a “Guest’s’ departure.

35. The accommodation is limited to the number of persons specified by ‘Globe’.  Additional charges for extra persons will be charged in accordance with ‘Globe’s’ printed tariffs.

36. ‘Guests’ are advised that ‘Globe’ acts as Agent only and cannot be deemed to be held responsible for the actions of its Principal, whether the identity of its Principal is disclosed or not.

37. The deposit is held by ‘Globe’ or remitted to ‘the Landlord’.

38. ‘The Guest’ must accept the Acceptable Use Policy for the internet services provided in Globe’s apartments, and by using these facilities it is deemed that ‘the Guest’ has accepted these terms.

39. ‘The Guest’ is requested to adhere to all of the rules and regulations laid down by ‘Globe’.

40. Reservations that are subject to additional charges must be paid in full at the time that payment of the initial invoice is requested by ‘Globe’.

41. ‘Globe’ has the right to refuse any booking for whatsoever reason considered appropriate by ‘Globe’.

42. ‘Globe’ reserves the right to make charges to ‘the Guest’ of £10 + VAT per reference, provided by ‘Globe’.

43. ‘Globe’ reserves the right to make a charge of £75 + VAT per 6 month period for deposits that remain unclaimed due to a failure of ‘the Guest’ to provide the necessary information for the deposit’s return.

44. The ‘Guest’ agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions.

45. In the event of a dispute ‘Globe’s’ decision will be final and binding, although subject to No. 46, ‘Globe’s’ complaints procedure.

46. ‘Globe’ has a complaints procedure for ‘Guests’. Full details of the procedure are available on request.


47. For the avoidance of any doubt, neither ‘Globe’ nor ‘the Owner/Landlord’ will be responsible for any financial loss or damage to the belongings of any persons permitted to occupy the property or for any injuries sustained by them or any member of their party however caused.  ‘Globe’ recommends that ‘the Guest’ take out insurance to cover any loss or damage or personal injury.

48. The letting, the booking form and these terms are all governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law.  By completing the booking form you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

49. For all ‘Guests’, payment is received and acknowledged on the strict understanding that ‘Globe’s’ terms of business have been read, understood and accepted by ‘the Guest’.

Force Majeure:

50. ‘Force Majeure’ means any circumstances which are unusual and/or unforeseeable which are beyond the control of ‘Globe’. 

51. No liability can be accepted by ‘Globe’ or their clients or those for whom ‘Globe’ act in any capacity where the contract is affected by ‘force majeure’. In the context of these terms and conditions, ‘force majeure’ is any event that ‘Globe’ could not, even with due care, foresee or avoid. These events include but are not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, acts of God, terrorist activity, earthquake, nuclear disaster, adverse weather, government action, technical problems with transportation or other events outside the ‘Globe’s’ control.